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Gifts make people feel special.

They show you care. Perhaps that’s why the tradition of giving and receiving gifts has persisted throughout the ages.

The best gift boxes have the potential to make gift-giving magical. Filled with a collection of themed items, the perfect gift box can deliver more joy than the sum of each component.


In fact, some surveys suggest memorable gift boxes can strengthen relationships.

Maybe that’s because gift boxes demonstrate that you know and care about someone enough to find multiple items that speak to their personalities, interests, and needs.

When should I send a gift box?

Sending a gift box is a great way to show your appreciation for someone special in your life. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just because, a gift box is always appreciated. And, with so many companies now offering gift box delivery, it’s easy to send one without even leaving your home.

Are you ready to make your favorite people feel special?

Send a gift box to make employees or friends feel appreciated, to celebrate their birthday, or even welcome them to a new home. Send a themed gift box for any event you want to acknowledge and celebrate in style.

Get started by finding all the best gift box ideas you need below.

  1. A customizable box packed with drool-worthy snacks offered by BIPOC- and women-owned brands.
  2. This work-enhancing home box features office decor, gadgets, and productivity aids that any goal-oriented friend or coworker will swoon over.
  3. Facial clay mask, scented candle, shower steamer mist, and luscious lavender-licious skincare products, including a rich, skin-softening lavender scrub.
  4. A box of energizing feel good snacks and an exclusive premium coffee blend from Palindrome Coffee Co to wash it all down.
  5. A gift box for work filled with some of our earth-friendly favorites that plants a tree for each order so you can send good and feel good!
  6. A chic, marble-look set of desk accessories, including a pen cup, stapler, and hole punch.
  7. A custom gift box that can include all sorts of premium items like a Miir water bottle, Courant portable charger, Ember mug, Girt & Gird Journal, and so much more. You get the ability to hand-select the kind of items to send your VIP.
  8. A box filled with goodies for a virtual happy hour that delivers as much fun as you can find at any local bar.
  9. A gift box focused entirely on relaxation and recharge. Includes an extra-warm throw blanket, lavender incense set, and a number of other relaxing goodies.
  10. A subscription box brimming with crafting possibilities. Couples will love using the materials and instructions to craft handmade items for their new married life.


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